Is your non-profit organization looking for a unique fundraiser?

Do you have volunteers who hate peddling candy? Has your organization lost money because a fundraising car wash or fair was rained out? Increase your organization’s volunteer participation rate AND have a built-in guarantee of funds by taking advantage of a unique opportunity to put the “fun” back in fundraising!

Elitch Gardens Theme and Water Park is currently recruiting not-for-profit groups to fundraise by volunteering to staff various food stands throughout the park. Get a group of a minimum of 5 volunteers together and come and come work a 5-hour shift on Saturday and/or Sunday throughout the months of September and October. All non-profits must be an exempt organization within the meaning of Section 501c (3), (4), (8) or (10) of the Internal Revenue Code and can complete a W-9 to be Paid.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can participate in the Volunteer Program?

    Any non-profit organization that has a current 501c (3), (4), (8) or (10). All Participants must be at least 16 years of age, all groups must have at least one member that is 18+ years of age. Everyone must provide proof of age.

  • What forms need to be completed?

    Your organization needs to complete the following forms to participate in the Volunteer Program:

    • Volunteer Agreement
    • A W-9 Form

    To request these forms please contact eg-hr@elitchgardens.com.

  • What would my organization be doing?

    Your group would be used to help in our food service department at any of our numerous food stands and restaurants.

  • Is there training?


  • How much will my group get paid?

    $10.20 per hourX5 people=$51 per person, $51X5 hours=$255 for your organization

    $10.20X10 people=$102 per person $102X5 hours=$510 for your organization

    The more volunteers you have, the more money you make for your organization!

  • How many times can my group volunteer?

    You can volunteer as many times as your group would like.

  • What if the weather is bad?

    If the park closes early due to weather we will try to reschedule your group to come back another day.

  • What do I wear?

    You will need to come dressed in Black pants (not Denim), plain black T-shirt, black non slip shoes.

To request a ticket donation for your fundraiser please see our Ticket Donations page. The contact listed on this page does not handle ticket donations for fundraisers.

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