Dining Plans

Dining Plan

Dining or drink plan purchase is in ADDITION to your season pass purchase.  Dining and Drink Plans are EXCLUSIVE to Season Pass holders! The more you use your dining or drink plan, the more you save! While supplies last. 

2023 Premium Dining Plan
Most Perks!

ADD Premium Dining Plan

  • Two Meals Per Visit!
  • Special Souvenir Cup with FREE Refills!
  • Valid in the 2023 season.
Save $85
Limited time offer!
*Plus tax
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2023 Regular Dining Plan

ADD Regular Dining Plan

  • One Meal Per Visit!
  • Valid in the 2023 season.
Save $40
Limited time offer!
*Plus tax
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More variety than ever without annoying upgrade charges! Choose from a variety of burgers, pizza, turkey legs, funnel cakes, Dippin’ Dots & more! SEE MEAL PLAN OPTIONS HERE

Already bought your Regular Dining Plan? Upgrade to a Premium Dining Plan at the park for just $40 and save all season! Available at the park only. 

Season Pass Dining and Drink Plan Policies

  • Premium and Regular Dining Plan Pass menu items are redeemable noted by the Dining Plan icon on menus and signage. Not all menu items are eligible for Dining Plan Passes.
  • Location operating hours, menu locations and menu offerings are subject to change without notice.
  • Premium Dining Plan meals or snacks may be redeemed ONCE per meal period, with only a three (3) hour interval between each meal, each operating day, up to two items each operating day. Regular Dining Plan Passes may be redeemed one meal or snack each operating day.
  • Dining and Drink Plans are non-transferable and can only be redeemed by the specified Season Pass Holder.
  • Season Pass Dining Plans are redeemable for food or snack items only. Beverages are not included. Premium Dining Plan holders may use their exclusive 2022 Souvenir Cup for fountain beverages or refills. 2022 Premium cup available for pickup in 2022. 
  • If a Season Pass is canceled or revoked, the Season Pass Dining or Drink Plan will be terminated without refund.
  • Not redeemable at Kona Ice, City Pop, Scooped Cookie Dough Bar or Simply Nuts.
  • Lost or stolen Premium Dining Plan cups will not be replaced. 

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