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Twister III: Storm Chaser


Twister III: Storm Chaser is a 10-story superstructure featuring a 90-foot drop and a 100-foot, pitch-black tunnel that features the sights, sounds and winds of a real tornado.

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Turn of the Century

The Turn of the Century gives Elitch Gardens guests a chance to swing into a piece of history.

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Guests are pulled up 150 feet in the air and dropped in a full free-fall experience which mixes together the best of bungee jumping, hang-gliding and skydiving. This is an extra-charge attraction. Limited availability.

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Sling Shot

Guests are launched into the air inside a slingshot ball, accelerating to 80 mph from a standstill in just a few short seconds. This is an extra-charge attraction. Limited availability.

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Take a trip "Down Under" and experience the Boomerang steel coaster!

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Half Pipe

Temporarily Not Available

Guests get to thrash, shred and carve their way to the rim of the Half Pipe while spinning around and around.

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Mind Eraser

The Mind Eraser is a monster coaster that suspends riders (legs and feet dangling) and blasts them through rollovers, dives and double corkscrew spins at speeds greater than 50 mph.

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Brain Drain

Lose your mind on this 7-story steel looping thrill ride.

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Tower of Doom

There's no better way to get a Rocky Mountain high than plunging 200 feet to the ground going 60 mph.

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Star Flyer

Soar 17-stories above the Denver skyline at 50 mph on this high-flying swing ride.

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