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School Groups

2022 Education Days

2022 Season Dates: May 13, 18, 19, 20, 25 and 27

Welcome back! Elitch Gardens is excited to continue a long tradition of end-of-the-year field trip opportunities with plenty of educational activities for all ages!

Book your field trip in 3 easy steps! 

1. Choose a day!

Receive 1 free Chaperone Ticket for every 15 purchased.

2. Decide on lunch!

We have prepared special options for our school groups (see below). Options include a Catered Lunch or our Meal Deal!

3. Book your party!

For additional questions, call 303.595.4386 x162 or EMAIL US!

(Remember no outside food or drink is allowed in the park)
Groups of 15+ No Lunch
Education Days No Lunch

Enjoy the Park as a group! 1 FREE chaperone ticket for every 15 tickets purchased. Purchase and print ahead of time.

Save $35
As low as
*Plus taxes & fees.
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Groups of 15 + Meal Deals
Education Days w/ Meal Deal
Online Deal

Enjoy the Park as a group! 1 FREE chaperone ticket for every 15 tickets purchased. Purchase and print ahead of time. Add meal deal to tickets in cart.

Save $38
$29.99 + $15/ea
Limited Time Only
*Plus taxes & fees.
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Groups of 15+ W/ Catered Meal
Education Days w/ Catered Meal
Best Deal!

Enjoy the Park as a group! 1 FREE chaperone ticket for every 15 tickets purchased. The number of Catered Meals does not need to be equal to # of tickets purchased. Chaperones’ tickets do not include meals.

Book Now and our sales rep will assist you personally with all the details!

$25.99 + $14/ea
*Plus taxes & fees.
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Education Day Extras!  

Coaster Contest
May 13 & 18 

Show off your skills and imagination! Create a unique gravity ride for a chance to be the Champion. 

coaster content

Physics Day
May 20 

An annual event favorite! Physics experiments in the park by University of Denver professors and students! 

university of denver logo

Art Day
May 25 

Multiversal tourism is on the rise in Denver, thanks to Meow Wolf’s new Convergence Station! Our Wandering Characters experience sends a group of bubble-headed Convergence Residents to your event to mingle with your guests, learn about earth traditions, and share their own eclectic adventures. Our Wandering Characters aren’t big on words, but they’re excited to snap selfies, engage in interactive encounters and entertain Earthers with their curiosity and creativity! More info coming soon! 


Add Education to the experience! 

NEW this year! Prepare your class ahead of time! Check out our Education in Motion Workbook! Something for every subject!

Interested in showcasing your talents at Elitch Gardens Theme & Water Park?
CONTACT US for band performances throughout the season!


  • What if we want different lunch options?

    Not everyone has to pick the same thing. You can purchase a different number of lunches than you do tickets.

  • How does the Chaperone Policy affect our visit?

    Schools are unaffected by the chaperone policy as all groups come supervised. The group’s chaperone needs to be in the park but does not need to be with the students at all times.

  • What if we need an Educational Aspect to have a field trip at Elitch Gardens?

    Please check out one our amazing workbooks. New this year is our Education in Motion workbook! Something for every subject!

  • Do Chaperone tickets include lunch?

    No. Chaperone tickets are for admission only.

  • What if we are tax exempt?

    Online purchases do not have tax. If you wish to book a catered lunch our Sales Rep will be able to help you.

  • How much is parking for our school bus?

    There is no parking cost for school buses.