Opening Day April 30th!

Renew Season Pass


Once your RENEW your EZ-Band skip the lines at activation and get ready to play in the park! 

EZ-BandIf you still have your EZ-band skip Season Pass Processing! After you purchase, your pass is active and ready to go for your first visit. 

Thank you for being a Season Pass Holder! 


What if I lost my EZ-Band?

Can't find your EZ-Band to get the number so you can renew? Email us at [email protected] with the name and birthdate on the pass and we will send back your EZ-band number within 2 business days. 

How do I get my souvenir cup if I don't have to process?

You will pick up your 2022 souvenir cup in the spring of 2022 as long as you visit by May 8th. 

How do I know which band belongs to which person?

Each band was assigned to a specific person with a photo and name. The pass holder's picture will display every time you use your band. It is important that each person wears their own band.  Inside there is a place to write the pass holder’s name.  Fabric pens are available in Season pass processing for this purpose or you can do this at home. Fabric pens should be used so that the name will not come off when the band gets wet (sharpies will not work). You can also go online to and type in the number on the back of EZ logo on the band to see who that band belongs to.