Elitch Gardens Jobs

Employee Beneifts

Full-time Positions

Assistant Warehouse Manager – JOB SUMMARY: Responsible for the receiving and distribution of products and services essential for company operation. APPLY NOW!

Catering & Special Events Assistant Manager – JOB SUMMARY: Manage and lead the park’s food production and onsite catering services including managing all team members within the departments. APPLY NOW!

2023 Seasonal Positions

Pay starts at $17.40/hour+ depending on the position! Check out the 1,500 that are available! 

How old do you have to be to work at Elitch Gardens?

Applicants to Elitch Gardens must be at least 16 years old to apply. Elitch Gardens has many positions for applicants who are 16 years of age and older and several positions for applicants who are 18 years of age and older.

Contact Human Resources at 303-595-0880 or EG-HR@ElitchGardens.com with any questions!

Address: 299 Walnut St., Denver, CO, 80204

Position Departments

Human Resources

Human Resources Representatives take care of our employees and duties range from onboarding to making sure everyone is looking their best when they arrive into work. Problem-solving and attention to detail are important. This job will change your mind. Working in HR will give you the opportunity to work and interact with people every day, if you are a people person this is the job for you! Must be 18 years or older. 

Ride Mechanic

This position maintains and repairs rides and attractions in the park and makes sure that they are operating safely. Must be 18 years or older. Full-time or part-time positions are available.



Our water park is outstanding!  To maintain this standard, we need individuals with a high degree of focus and great communications skills. Lifeguards will be responsible for ensuring the safety of our guests and making sure our water attraction rules are being followed. Our lifeguards need to be proficient swimmers. Lifeguards must be 16 years of age or older. 


We have 37 of the coolest rides in Denver and each one needs to be properly run. Whether it be operating the tallest half pipe in Colorado, or one of our newest children’s rides, Blazing Buckaroo, we need individuals who can operate the rides while assisting each guest. At Elitch Gardens, safety is key. Being able to effectively and pleasantly enforce ride requirements is a must. How would you like to say that you send people flying in the air at over 50 mph on a daily basis?

Food & Beverage

Our Food & Beverage division is extremely important to Elitch Gardens. We have everything from your traditional theme park fudges to our BBQ sandwiches with secret sauces. Do you know we even have two specialty crafted beers created just for us? Our team members here must provide amazing customer service and food that lives up to the hype.


There is never a dull day when you work in catering. Catering for a major theme and water park is for those who excel in a fast-paced environment and are capable of multi-tasking all while providing world-class service. Positions range from working in the kitchen preparing meals, front-of-house team members setting up for events, to Kitchen Supervisors and Front of House Supervisors. Catering team members enjoy scheduling flexibility and working in areas throughout the park.

Front Gate

Our front gate team members are the first employees our guests encounter. Whether it be welcoming our guests at the toll booths, ticket booths, turnstiles, or season passes, friendliness and enthusiasm are vital to ensure they have a wonderful experience. Can you bring a cheerful and positive attitude to our front line?

Park Services

There are numerous positions in park services from Supervisors and Trainers to Midway Sweepers. These team members will be responsible for making sure that park grounds, trash, and restrooms, are clean and well maintained. It is important that our employees in these roles also assist the guests by answering any questions they may have and presenting a well polished and upbeat attitude. For a position in park services, you must be at least 18 years old.


Not only do our guests have the option to buy souvenirs but they can also make their own Elitch Gardens stuffed animals which even Mary Elitch would be jealous of. Our retail team members are not only responsible for maintaining organized product displays and providing excellent customer service, but also recommending purchases and assisting guests in any way possible.

Games Team member


Winning a stuffed animal that is bigger than you is a classic theme park tradition. As a game team member, you get to be a huge part of that. An outgoing and loud personality is a big part of your success in this field.

Safety & Security

Safety is our number one priority.  Our Security Agents and First Aid team ensure the safety for our guests and team members by providing a safe environment, quality service, and appropriate care when necessary. Must be 18 years or older.

Cash Control

Like money?  Good with numbers?  This may be the position for you.  Our cash control team members supply the money to every food stand, retail store, and game throughout the park. Do you have an eye for detail and strong math skills? Must be 18 years or older.


From giant stuffed animals to barbeque sauce, millions of product move around the park daily.  Our warehouse team members deliver everything! Without them we would have an empty park.  For a position on a warehouse crew, you must be at least 18 years old. Are you interested in delivering the goods?


When Elitch Gardens opened it had the first Botanic Gardens in Denver. Although we are no longer the biggest, we do take pride in our greenery. Wherever you look you can see the landscaping teams’ efforts to beautify our park. For a position in landscaping you must be at least 18 years old.  Be part of the beautification!


From Switchboard Operators to Human Resources Representatives and clock in personnel, we have many administrative roles for those who prefer to work inside.  Must be 18 years of age or older, have a friendly disposition, attention to detail, and can handle high volumes of traffic.


Are you interested in Marketing, Sales or Finance?  Have we got the learning internship for you!  Get paid to learn about your future career while having fun in a great environment.  Earn college credit with our hands on internships.  Looking for outgoing, dedicated, and motivated individuals.

Marketing, Sales & Events Intern – JOB SUMMARY: Gain experience in all things marketing, including public relations, promotions, special events, sales and guest service. APPLY NOW!

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