Elitch Gardens' lineup of daily live shows runs from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day. Check out the 2015 shows below and stay tuned for more fun and family entertainment when we announce the 2016 live show lineup!


Ipso Presto. An offbeat magical romance with the charm of Penn and Teller, the spectacle of David Copperfield and gut-busting comedy and a side of tragedy, Conjure is the lighthearted tale of a quirky magician who must, with the help of the audience, bring back his loving, bumbling assistant to perform the magic show of a lifetime. Conjure is a theatrical experience that will leave you in wonder, with a big cheesy grin on your face. A crowd favorite at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, this show is not to be missed!
As the devil is in the details, you somehow wonder if these two are employed by Mr. Beelzebub himself. Conjure is modern Vaudeville at its zenith.” -Rob Zabrecky, 2012 Stage Magician of the Year.

Octonauts: To Your Stations!

Join Captain Barnacles and Kwazii on a critical mission under the sea! A creature has mistakenly floated into the bubble engine and it’s up to all the Octo-cadets to save the day. This high energy, interactive adventure will have you on the edge of your seat! Sound the Octo-Alert, this is your chance to be an official Octonaut!