Opening Day is April 20! 

Games & Arcades

Basketball Hoopla

Showcase your basketball shooting skills and win great prizes!
Map Location: 5
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Games at the Pier

Challenge your friends to these games located near Twister II. Check out Ring Toss, Top Glo, and Games Arcade.
Map Location: 3
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Games at the Turn

Across from Fanny's Funnel Cakes, find out just how lucky you are! Test yourself at Denver HOT Shot, Plinko, Rope Ladder, and Bank-a-Ball.
Map Location: 4
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Games on the Hill

Just hopped off Troika or finished a treat at the Sundae Shoppe? Stick around - these games will put your strategy and aim to the test. Test your skills at Cover the Spot, Balloon Pop, Tub Toss, and High Roller.
Map Location: 2
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Ghostblasters Arcade

Play games and win prizes!
Map Location: 6
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KiddieLand Games

Pint-sized games specially designed for kids. Have fun with Monkey Toss and Top Spin.
Map Location: 1
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Note: Specific prizes at each game are subject to change at any time without notice.