Capture Memories: Your Guide to Instagramming at Elitch Gardens

Your Guide to Instagramming at Elitch Gardens!

As Colorado’s only theme and water park, there are many ways to put your camera and Instagram to work for you at Elitch Gardens.  Here are some tips to guide you along the way.

PSA: Be sure to follow us @ElitchGardens.  On our account you will be able to see what angles and areas of the park we have discovered while shooting pictures so that you can use them for your own photos and to strengthen your creativity.

1.   Location, Location, Location

  • Shooting a great selfie or group photo relies heavily on setting.  Find a great setting and people will want to view the whole photo and not just the subject. Look no further than our website,, to view a complete list of attractions and exciting events to fill that void. *Just a friendly reminder that no phones or cameras are allowed on the rides at any time.*

2.  Lights, Camera, Action!

  • Posing for photos are fun, but how about throwing in some excitement?!  A great place to try this would be in front of Shipwreck Falls when the water comes crashing down.  Use a fast shutter speed, or burst mode if you’re on iPhone, and your picture will really show off the excitement.

3.  Play the Angles

  • You want the photo to show your audience what you see.  Manipulate the angles of your shot to make it more interesting.  For instance, a photo of your friend that is far away from Tower of Doom can look like they are real close if a low enough angle is used-much like the photo trick of people holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

4.    Work Smarter, Not Harder

  • When you’re looking to set up a shot, keep it natural and don’t force it but keep a look out for an opening.  Spontaneity and surprise are key if you want a genuine reaction in your photo.  A posed photo is great for showing the grandparents how the children are doing but it may have a small amount of artificial genuineness.  Bring out your inner sleuth and be sneaky with the camera in order to capture true candid moments such as when Sea Dragon is at the peak of its steep swing. 

5.  Tools at your Disposal

  • Instagram has a variety of ways to keep your pictures interesting.  Not only are there various filters but you can also include the time, add emoji’s and the location of where you are-*HINT HINT*.  The Boomerang feature-which allows you to take a video and then replays it back immediately in a GIF-type form, has been on Instagram for a little while now, but it is vastly under-utilized.  Look to our Instagram account to see how we have been using it.

6.  #Hashtag

  • Hashtags are links for people to view collections of specific images.  Including hashtags in the description of your photo gives your photo a wider reach so more people can see your photo instead of just your followers.  Visit #elitchgardens to see what other guests like you are posting at the park.

This is only a basic guide so take lots of photos and keep at it!

Just a reminder to follow us on Instagram @ElitchGardens!

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