Back to School

Back To School

School is back for a lot of kids so that means trading in fun in the sun for pencils and PEMDAS.  While Elitch Gardens strongly supports the power of knowledge and a great education, we also realize that relaxation and enjoyment are necessary to a healthy mindset.  While summer wraps up, fall is just around the corner and we have a lot in store this season to continue the fun. But, don’t forget the park is now only open weekends. 

First, to officially kick off the fall festivities, we will be having a dazzling fireworks display at park closing time on Sunday, September 3rd.  Immediately following on Labor Day, September 4, we will have our Last Splash in the water park, so be sure get all of your swimming in and give one last hurrah on the new six-story Mega Wedgie water slide (if you haven’t already tried it yet, shame on you.)

Next, we have Fright Fest beginning on September 29 and will take place each Friday night, Saturday and Sunday until October 29, the last day of the 2017 season.  Fright Fest is Family-by-Day and Fright-by-Night which means there is something for everyone.  We will have our 19th Annual Pet Parade, two haunted houses that are complete with creepy monsters, tough math problems to figure out and 8 page essays to write in MLA format.  We’re just kidding about the last two but there will be a pet parade, creepy monsters and haunted houses and much more-we will just leave the Math and English work to the teachers.  To learn more about Fright Fest, visit:

Also, a reminder for the Season Pass holders who have not used their date-specific bring-a-friend passes yet, they are available for use any operating day in September, which includes the first two nights of Fright Fest.  We look forward to continuing the fun with you this season and wish all students a great start back to school.  Study hard and see you soon!

As always, to keep up with information about Fright Fest and other happenings going on at the park, visit our website, follow us on Facebook and Twitter and check out photos of the park on our Instagram

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