9 Reasons to purchase a 2017 Season Pass!

Ahh yes, the sun is out, the trees have bloomed and a seemingly endless barrage of construction crews have filled Colorado roads which can only mean summer has finally arrived.  That means people are getting out and exploring what Colorado has to offer, either through camping, hiking or simply staying inside and binge watching the latest season of their favorite shows on Netflix.  Regardless of how you prefer to spend your summer, there are plenty of activities to do this season.  Allow us to convince you that spending your time at Elitch Gardens is where you, your friends and your family should be with these 9 reasons to grab a Season Pass.

1. We are a theme park AND water park…and more

Whether you want a thrill or to simply lay around by the wave pool in the sun making your tan even, then fret no more because here at Elitch Gardens you can do both!  Make a splash in Commotion Ocean to cool off then walk to the Mind Eraser and air dry spinning up, down and around at rapid speeds.  We also have Kiddieland with kid-friendly rides so the little kiddos can enjoy their time at the park just as much as you can.

2. New Thrill Ride-Star Flyer

Star Flyer is a 17-story extreme swing ride that revolves 360 degrees at speeds of up to 50 mph.  Once you are on the ride full-swing (see what I did there), you will get breath-taking views of downtown Denver and then half a second later, you will see the entire Rocky Mountain landscape-come during peak sunset hours and you will see the mountains lit up with a backdrop of the orange and blue sky every Coloradan knows.

3. Free Concerts! 

Are you ready to rock?!  This summer we have concerts from 9 unique music artists waiting to jam at the Elitch Arena with you.  From R5 and La Maquinaria Norteña to Citizen Cope and Vince Young of Mötley Crüe, this summer’s concert series is bound to be a hit! Plus, they are all free with a Season Pass!

4. Amusing live daily shows

Ifyou need a break from the Colorado sun, then come visit us at one of our live shows, now playing multiple times per day!  “Showstoppers,” playing at the Trocadero Theatre on Main Street, features soaring vocals and breathtaking cinematography sure to be a great time for the whole family.  “The Elephant in the Room” is a fun and exciting interactive show for kids where they can help Elle the Elephant with her wacky adventures.

5. New speed slides, Mega Wedgie

This season we have added a new water thrill ride, aptly named Mega Wedgie.  Mega Wedgie is a six-story tall trio of slides capable of letting the rider reach 40 mph.  Mega Wedgie is a colossally epic slide that is sure to give riders the ultimate wedgie.  If you felt that was an unnecessary use of exciting verbiage, conveniently enough, Colossal, Epic and Ultimate are the individual names of Mega Wedgie’s three slides. 

6. Free Dive-In Movies!

Dive-In movies are movies projected on to a large screen right next to Commotion Ocean-need I say more? This season we have movies such as The Secret Life of Pets, Moana and Finding Dory playing that are sure to bring a lot of great entertainment for the family.  Feel free to build on that tan or float in the pool. Plus, they are free with your pass. 

7. Convenience…

Each season we think of ways to improve guest experience by making things-you guessed it, more convenient.  There are a variety of ways the Season Pass helps with this.  The first is the new EZ Band.  It’s a stress-free, water-proof band that can be helpful in various ways such as loading money on to it-so you don’t have to carry your wallet around and also gives you a 10% discount when you are purchasing concession items.  It’s your pass, your benefits, all in one!  Second, you can come whenever you feel like it.  Boss let you off of work at noon on a weekday?  Then come ride your favorite rides with minimal lines, grab a turkey leg for a snack and then head out.  Kids home all summer from school? Send them to Elitch Gardens for a day so you can get things done around the house.

8. The season doesn’t end when the summer ends

Once school starts back up, work vacations are over, the days get shorter and the leaves begin to fall, we will still be here-at least until October 29th.  The Mind Eraser, Star Flyer and Tower of Doom are all terrifying, but have you ever been to Fright Fest?  There are eerie haunted houses, mysterious figures in masks with chainsaws chasing people around and spiders-we think spiders speak for themselves.  We are Fright by Night but Family by Day.  For the kids, there is a trick or treat trail as well as a costume contest which means the kids will be able to participate and have fun, just as long as some of the costumes aren’t too spooky for them.

9. And last but not least…the discounts! 

So far you have seen all of what the park has to offer, but we haven’t gotten into the nitty gritty of being a Season Pass holder.  A Season Pass grants you access to everything we’ve mentioned as well as unlimited visits to the park throughout the season (obviously,) free bring-a-friend tickets, a coupon book of discounts and of course EZ Band, not to mention the free parking which is available until June 25.  The Season Pass is your gateway to endless fun and entertainment this summer, so grab yours today! Buy Now

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